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Conditions That May Lead To Disability Claims

Our work as dedicated insurance litigators includes determined representation of people victimized by all types of disabling injuries, medical and mental health conditions who have had their disability benefits wrongfully denied, terminated or delayed. We can readily analyze your policy, coverage, and condition to determine the best course of action for you.

If you have run into problems obtaining the LTD, STD or other disability benefits you need and deserve, you are far from alone. At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, in San Francisco, our attorneys help people who face challenges dealing with insurance companies. Our lawyers know from many decades of high-value case experience that insurance companies employ a range of strategies for denying claims and terminating benefits — and that we can often compel them to meet their obligations through skilled case building and negotiation or trial work.

Seeking Justice And Benefits For Victims Of All Disabling Health Conditions

We know the nuances of applicable laws, have the knowledge to dissect policy language, and are able to advise clients insightfully in disability cases arising from:

Adept At Proving Our Clients Meet Definitions Of Disability

Many disabling conditions are all too real in their life-changing, work-ending impact on the victim, yet difficult or impossible to “prove” objectively with X-rays, MRIs or other tests. Insurance companies specifically target these types of claims for denial, seizing on a lack of evidence to deny that serious injury or disability exists.

Getting the disability benefits you deserve may require a tough, intense and calculated fight. We are prepared to deal with issues from a gradually worsening condition to illnesses requiring treatment with medications that have disabling side effects, from partial disability claims to retroactive cancellation or “rescission” of your policy after you have made a claim.

Rely On Decades Of Experience Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

We have helped many families in California who have been stonewalled and forced to deal with unreasonable demands in their efforts to get the benefits they paid for and depended upon. For a free case evaluation to discuss your disability claim denial or other concerns about your ability to obtain benefits, call our office at (415) 433-8000 or contact us today.