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Helping Those With Failed Back Surgery Seek Disability Insurance Benefits

If you have recently had a back surgery to fix an ongoing chronic issue or as the result of an injury, you may be seeking disability insurance benefits in order to help provide financial stability for you and your family. Historically, many major insurance companies try to delay or deny disability claims in order to protect their interests and save money. The reality is that people deserve to take advantage of the benefits that they have paid for.

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, we will help you by taking a stance against the insurance company and ensuring that you get the benefits that you deserve. Our San Francisco law firm is exclusively focused on representing policyholders and has a track record of obtaining multimillion-dollar settlements for clients.

Skilled Attorneys For Failed Back Surgery Victims

Surgical procedures to the upper part of the body can affect many aspects of a person’s mobility. Recovering from invasive surgical procedures, such as back surgery, can be very lengthy and painful to deal with. If your surgery has failed and you are facing challenges involving obtaining benefits, we can help.

We are highly experienced with the tactics that the insurance company will use in attempting to deny or delay an individual’s benefits, which may include:

  • Disputing your actual diagnosis or the severity of your limitations
  • Rescinding coverage
  • Citing policy language that is ambiguous
  • Neglecting to consider all effects of the disability

Few law firms in California have a track record like ours. We are well-respected among our peers and receive many referrals from other attorneys. Our attorneys are familiar with both state and federal laws regarding disability and ERISA litigation and will provide highly knowledgeable legal advice about the situation you are facing.

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