The California Department of Insurance

Skilled Lawyers Helping Clients Understand The California Department of Insurance

Officially, the California Department of Insurance has the responsibility to enforce the California Insurance Code. Practically, it lacks the resources to do so.

Registering a complaint with the California Department of Insurance is not an effective means for resolving a dispute with an insurance company. It cannot force an insurance company to pay a claim. The Department of Insurance does, however, have information policyholders may find valuable in understanding their rights. It also has regulations that a knowledgeable attorney can enforce.

The Unfair Practices Act

Part of the California Insurance Code, the Unfair Practices Act, describes insurance company actions that are considered unfair and improper. While policyholders do not have a right to sue under the act, it can be used in an insurance bad faith lawsuit to establish that an insurance company’s actions amounted to bad faith.

Furthermore, the California Department of Insurance has issued regulations that apply to all insurance claims in the state. These lengthy regulations prohibit insurance companies from taking specific actions, such as misrepresenting the facts of an insurance policy or failing to affirm or deny coverage in a timely manner.


Armed with information about what constitutes unfair practices and the regulations under which insurers must operate in California, policyholders have recourse to hold insurers accountable for their actions. The insurance lawyers at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, can help.

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