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Exposure to psychological events can cause a broad range of anxiety disorders. If you are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and are unable to continue working because of the side effects of the disorder, obtaining your hard-earned disability benefits is a priority to you and your family. Insurance companies are not always easy to work with and may try to wrongfully delay or deny your claim. The next step to take is to talk to an attorney at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP.

From our offices in San Francisco, we serve clients throughout northern California with their disability insurance claims. We work closely with our clients throughout the legal process and make certain that our clients will be treated fairly and justly by insurance companies. You can rely on our vastly proven track record for your claim.

Representing Policyholders With PTSD Insurance Claims

The amount of obstacles that PTSD patients can suffer from is almost too lengthy to list. PTSD affects every individual differently. While some are able to function and complete day-to-day activities, others face extremely challenging emotional challenges as a result of PTSD.

Very frequently, psychological conditions, nervous conditions and disabilities stemming from exposure to psychological events are contested by insurance companies. At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, we know how to counter insurance companies in situations involving denied or delayed PTSD or other psychological condition-related claims. We will critically analyze legal options and work to build the strongest case to compel the insurance company to provide you with the disability benefits you deserve.

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