Psychiatric Disability Claims Lawyer

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Many disabling mental conditions are all too real in their life-changing, work-ending impact on the victim, yet very difficult to substantiate with objective medical evidence. Getting the disability benefits you need to support yourself and your family if you are suffering from clinical depression, a severe anxiety disorder or other psychiatric illness that prevents you from working can be a difficult challenge.

Our experienced San Francisco psychiatric conditions attorneys are prepared to analyze any wrongful claim denial or other problems with your disability claim, whether you have employer-provided or independently purchased LTD coverage. Our firm’s entire focus is on winning benefits and damages for policyholders, and we can readily assess your specific case and legal options.

Decades Of Experience Helping The Disabled Obtain Benefits

If your disability is a mental or nervous condition, your right to benefits is almost certain to be contested — and our lawyers have experience countering all insurance company tactics for denying and “stonewalling” these claims. We have also handled many cases on behalf of people suffering chronic pain from physical conditions that California insurance companies claim are mental disorders excluded from coverage or have only a limited pay period.

Common obstacles for sufferers of disabling mental conditions include the fact that many disability policies either exclude such impairments altogether or limit the period of eligibility for benefits to two years. We will work to build the best possible case for you and compel your insurer to give your claim full and proper consideration.

Identifying Legal Options And Taking Action For Claimants With Mental Illness

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, you may call our office at (415) 433-8000 or send us an email to receive a free case evaluation to discuss your disability claim denial, delay or other problems getting benefits. You can trust our experienced attorneys to ask the right questions, analyze your case in-depth and recommend the best course of action.