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Assisting With Credit Disability Insurance Claims

Credit disability insurance and similar forms of coverage are offered by many major U.S. insurance companies, most commonly through partnerships with lenders. When making a business loan or taking on a mortgage, it is common for a lender to require some type of insurance policy protecting it against the borrower’s inability to pay due to an accident or disabling illness.

Terms of credit disability, credit life, “accident and health” and other such insurance policies vary greatly. Most are purchased from the financial institution or retailer and involve participation in a group plan. If you have run into a claim denial or other problem with credit disability insurance, it is essential to contact a knowledgeable lawyer prepared to analyze your policy, consider your health condition and evaluate all relevant circumstances.

Protecting Your Rights Against A Profit-Motivated Insurer

As with other types of disability insurance claims, credit insurance claims are often wrongfully denied or delayed. Problems can begin with the insured never receiving a certificate of insurance, and the company may seize upon many ways to contest your claim and avoid paying benefits — leaving you with debt you cannot pay and problems with your lender.

Our credit disability insurance attorneys have many decades of experience resolving disability insurance disputes for our clients. Our entire focus is on obtaining just results and compensation for policyholders who are treated unfairly in either a private or business context.

Turn To Experienced Claim Denial And Delay Attorneys

If you are having problems with a credit disability insurance claim anywhere in California, you can turn to us at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, for a free case evaluation. You may also call our San Francisco office at (415) 433-8000. We provide sound guidance in stressful times and we will know the legal options available for pursuing the benefits you deserve.