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Disability insurance is an important and lucrative area for many of the dominant players in the U.S. insurance industry. On an ongoing basis, these companies adopt and pursue strategies to maximize profits and minimize payouts of benefits, and our firm is dedicated to taking a stand against wrongful claim denials, delay tactics, and other unlawful business practices.

Our San Francisco insurance claim attorneys have won numerous multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts over major disability insurance companies, demonstrating our skill and relentlessness in litigation on behalf of policyholders. We take action for people dealing with a full range of disputes involving both individual disability policies and group policies governed by the federal law ERISA.

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We are exceptionally prepared to pursue valid claims and lawsuits against disability insurance companies such as:

Exposing And Countering The Claim Denial Strategies Of Major Insurers

Disability insurance companies use many tactics to avoid paying valid claims and full benefits. They may cite a preexisting condition and retroactively cancel or “rescind” your policy, for example, or aggressively challenge your actual income and the benefits you are entitled to receive. You may be required to see an independent medical examiner (IME) biased in favor of the company, and they may take other extraordinary measures such as surveillance of your daily activities.

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Getting the disability benefits you deserve may require a tough, intense and calculated fight. You will need an attorney and professional team equipped to perform a thorough assessment of your health condition, your coverage, and the position your insurer has taken. In any such situation, regardless of the wealth and power of the company involved and the exact circumstances of your dispute, we invite you to contact us as soon as problems arise.

Turning to Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, as early as possible in the development of your case is the best decision you can make under these challenging circumstances. We offer a free case evaluation and handle most cases on a contingency basis. Feel free to call our San Francisco office at (415) 433-8000 for more information.