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Berkshire Insurance company Claim Denials AttorneyThe Guardian Life Insurance Company of America is a Fortune 500 business focused on marketing health, life and disability insurance, retirement services and investment products to businesses and individuals. The company delivers its products and services through employee benefit programs and directly to individuals and businesses. Millions of participants in group plans and individual policyholders rely on Guardian or Berkshire coverage. To help you navigate these coverages, our Berkshire Insurance Company Claim Denials Attorney is here to help.

Guardian and The Berkshire Life Insurance Company completed a merger in 2001, combining two major players in own-occupation disability insurance and certain other insurance sectors. The merged company puts a strong marketing emphasis on “income protection” and disability insurance for white-collar professionals, provided under brand names such as Provider Plus.

Allegations Of Wrongful Claim Denials, Benefit Terminations, And Delays

Like other disability and life insurance companies, Guardian and Berkshire have faced extensive litigation involving unfair handling of claims. If you or a family member were affected by this, it’s important to contact a Berkshire Insurance Company Claim Denials Attorney to get justice. Actionable practices often involve the use of biased and unqualified medical evidence to deny or terminate claims, retroactive cancellation or “rescission” of coverage, excessive benefit payment delays and more.

Proving You Have a Disability Claim

What counts as a disability depends on your insurance plan. Some plans say you’re disabled if you can’t do your job because of illness or injury, while others say you’re disabled if you can’t do any job that fits your skills, education, and experience. Some plans start by covering you if you can’t do your job, and later change to covering you if you can’t do any job you’re qualified for.

The proof you need to get disability insurance benefits—like doctor’s notes, money info, and job skills reports—really depends on your plan’s specific rules and how your situation matches those rules. It’s super important to really get what your policy covers, what’s good about it, and how to make your claim. If you’re not sure or need more details, reach out to DarrasLaw. They’re the top firm in the country for disability insurance problems, and they can help make your policy clear.

A Track Record Of Success In Litigation Against Guardian Life

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, our dedicated lawyers have achieved positive results for thousands of insurance policyholders, both through federal ERISA appeals and litigation and lawsuits filed in California state courts. Our recent victories in cases involving The Guardian Life Insurance Company include obtaining:

  • A seven-figure settlement on behalf of an obstetrician whose orthopedic condition prevented him from performing deliveries and other surgical procedures, but who was denied benefits based on Guardian’s assessment that he was not disabled under the policy definition
  • A trial court verdict and order restoring disability benefits and paying back benefits plus attorney fees for a client suffering from the painful and disabling condition thoracic outlet syndrome, based on our demonstration that Guardian failed to properly consider medical evidence

Steps to Take After a Claim Denial from MetLife

If you get a letter from MetLife saying they won’t give you the disability benefits you asked for, you might freak out. You might think you’ll never get the money you need to take care of yourself and your family when you can’t work and make money.

But, don’t freak out, and don’t just call MetLife begging for the benefits. What you should do is get help from a lawyer who knows a lot about disability insurance and has dealt with MetLife before.

Sometimes, people just send the same info again or don’t really figure out why MetLife said no in the first place. Our lawyers can figure out why MetLife disagreed with your claim and then figure out the best way to fight back against that decision. We might do things like figure out what proof MetLife needs to agree with your claim, suggest you get more check-ups, tests, or even get an expert to say you can’t do your job because of your condition.

How our Berkshire Insurance Company Claim Denials Attorney fights your case depends on your specific situation and why MetLife said no. But one thing is for sure—dealing with MetLife can be tough. So, let us take over and deal with the hassle and the MetLife people for you, so you don’t have to deal with more stress after getting a no from them.

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Pillsbury & Coleman’s attorneys are well-equipped to pursue all types of valid claims against insurance companies that engage in unfair practices and wrongfully deny benefits. If you are facing an LTD claim denial or other problems with Guardian or Berkshire insurance, please call our San Francisco office at (415) 433-8000 or contact us for a free case evaluation.