Coronavirus (COVID-19) -Related Insurance Claims

The magnitude of personal loss and disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is escalating each day. We are here to help with what we do best – making sure that insurance companies are held accountable for losses sustained by individuals and their businesses during this pandemic. Here is how we can help you with your Coronavirus-related insurance claims:

Business Interruption Claims

Loss and damages incurred to decontaminate your premises and losses due to the interruption of your business operations stemming from governmental “shelter in place” orders may be covered under commercial insurance policies. In many cases, this coverage will be essential to a business’s ability to meet its financial commitments during this pandemic. We expect the magnitude of these losses to be staggering, as much as $225 billion nationwide, and that insurance companies will attempt to resist having to cover any of it. Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP has over 30 years of experience holding insurers accountable for business interruption losses. We can ensure that your business has the financial safety net it deserves during these uncertain times.

Disability Insurance Claims

This pandemic will not only hurt businesses, but it will also directly impact many of the individuals working for those businesses. We have already seen several rounds of layoffs and skyrocketing unemployment. We anticipate that as this situation continues to worsen, many individuals who were already struggling with work will need to submit new disability insurance claims, and many who have been approved for “partial disability” may need to transition to “total disability” due to an inability to continue working part-time. We expect many carriers will try to avoid paying disability benefits by blaming your inability to work on a bad economy rather than a physical condition. Fighting such wrongful claim denials is our specialty. If your disability insurer challenges your claim, we are here to help.

Life Insurance Claims

One unavoidable consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic, and why we as a community are banding together to confront it head-on, is the potential for significant loss of life. When tragedy strikes, life insurance companies often try to wiggle out of providing the benefits that they clearly owe. They can unfairly scrutinize applications for life insurance policies to find something they claim wasn’t filled out correctly to argue the policy is void based on a purported “misrepresentation” in the application. Although this practice has been repeatedly condemned by our courts, insurers still try to get away with it. With the unanticipated high level of life insurance claims carriers will face in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, we expect some carriers will try to avoid paying legitimate claims. Don’t fall victim to unscrupulous insurance company practices.

For over three decades, businesses and individuals alike have turned to Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP when disaster strikes. We make sure that insurance companies honor the promises they made, and if they act in bad faith, we have the experience and resources to hold them accountable.