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Don’t Let An Insurance Claim Destroy Your California Business

When a disaster strikes, a business suffers more than the physical damage or loss to its building, inventory and other property. It also loses the ability to continue operations and make a profit. The bills and expenses don’t stop, but the ability to earn revenue does.

Business interruption insurance, sometimes called business income insurance, is intended to make up for these losses. It covers lost income and ongoing expenses such as utilities and salaries in the event that a business must shut down due to a disaster, such as a fire.

Business Insurance Claim Denied? Payment Delayed? We Can Help.

However, insurance companies frequently deny claims for business interruption insurance benefits. If they do not deny the claim outright, they may delay payment. Long delays in payment of valid claims can ruin your business.

Don’t let that happen to your firm. If your claim for business interruption insurance benefits has been unreasonably denied or delayed, you need to take action to determine if you may have claims. We represent policyholders throughout the State of California.

Our law firm is solely dedicated to representing policyholders in disputes with insurance companies. For nearly two decades, we have successfully helped large and small businesses receive the insurance benefits they deserve.

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Our attorneys are skilled at helping businesses receive the full amount of insurance they are entitled to receive under their business interruption policies. If your insurance company has unfairly or unreasonably delayed or denied your claim for benefits, we can help, whether through negotiation or the filing of an insurance bad faith lawsuit.

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