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aetna life insurance company denial lawyerAetna is a Connecticut-based insurance company that offers different insurance products that are directed toward consumers, employers and more. Aetna, along with other major disability insurance providers, knows that profits can often be boosted by rejecting valid claims or endlessly delaying policyholders’ attempts to obtain benefits. Regrettably, these companies frequently engage in bad faith practices more often than one might expect. Whether through outright denial of legitimate disability claims or persuading policyholders to accept settlements for less than they’re owed, these insurers count on the likelihood of minimal resistance from their clients. If you feel that you’ve been unjustly treated by Aetna, seek support through our available Aetna Life Insurance Denial Lawyer. This includes medical, pharmacy, dental, group life and other insurance services. The company offers many different types of disability benefits, including STD and LTD.

California Aetna Life Insurance Company Claims Lawyers

Over the past decade there have been many wrongfully denied claims that have been highlighted in the media. The media has accused Aetna of abusing its discretion and wrongfully delaying and denying disability claims to policyholders.

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, we have successfully handled a broad range of disability claims involving the Connecticut-based insurer. Based in San Francisco, we handle cases throughout California involving many different disability insurance companies. Our attorneys are exclusively focused on disability insurance claims, including ERISA litigation and appeals, short-term disability (STD), long-term disability (LTD), long-term care insurance claims and more.

As skilled negotiators and experienced trial lawyers, we know how to approach a disability claim from a comprehensive standpoint. We have decades of experience resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries for our clients. Few law firms in northern California have a well-documented track record that shows an ability to hold insurance companies accountable as we do at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP. We seek justice for our clients and will hold insurance companies accountable to fair practices.

Navigating the Complexities of Aetna’s Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Coverage

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance is a safety net that provides a portion of your income if you are unable to work for an extended period due to a qualifying illness or accidental injury. Aetna, as a provider of LTD insurance, sets forth specific criteria and limitations for coverage, including:

  • Coverage is limited to certain specified illnesses and injuries.
  • There is a mandatory waiting period, known as the elimination period, before benefits can start.
  • The duration of benefit payments is determined by your age at the onset of disability.
  • Rehabilitation services may be required by Aetna to facilitate your return to work.
  • Disability benefits may be adjusted based on other income sources you receive during your disability.
  • The calculation of benefits is typically based on your annual earnings, including salary, commissions, and other employer-provided compensations.

Aetna’s disability insurance policies detail further restrictions and exclusions, particularly after 24 months of benefit payments, with limitations especially targeting disabilities primarily due to:

  • Mental health or psychiatric conditions, excluding structural brain damage.
  • Alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Exceptions to these limitations include hospitalization for the condition at the end of the 24-month period, with specific provisions for the continuation of benefits based on the duration of hospital confinement.

Moreover, Aetna excludes coverage under certain circumstances, such as:

  • Incarceration following a criminal conviction.
  • Disabilities arising from insurrection, war, self-inflicted injuries, or criminal acts.
  • Injuries from vehicle accidents where the insured was under the influence of alcohol beyond legal limits.
  • For detailed information, refer to Aetna’s disability insurance webpages and policy documents.

Dealing with Delays in LTD Claim Processing by Aetna

It’s a widespread belief that insurance companies primarily earn from policy premiums. However, these companies also significantly profit by investing premiums, leading to a strategy where delaying claims can be financially beneficial. This delay tactic means less payout in the short term, allowing for more investment and profit generation. If you encounter unreasonable delays in your LTD claim processing by Aetna, it’s crucial to seek the assistance of an experienced Aetna Life Insurance Denial Lawyer. These professionals can navigate the complexities of insurance claims to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the benefits you are entitled to without unnecessary delay.

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