Arthritis And Connective Tissue Diseases Disability Claims Lawyer

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Your Arthritis And Connective Tissue Diseases Disability Claims

Widespread, severe joint pain and other effects of connective tissue disorders, including arthritic conditions, make work impossible for millions of professionals, craftsmen, and laborers across the economic spectrum. Arthritis sufferers are often shocked when they encounter problems getting disability insurance benefits for such a life-changing condition.

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, our California arthritis attorneys have helped many victims of rheumatoid arthritis, severe osteoarthritis, lupus, and other rheumatic or “autoimmune” diseases succeed with their valid claims for individual LTD, group LTD and other forms of insurance benefits. Our experienced, trial-proven disability lawyers have proven adept at demonstrating the full extent of the physical restrictions and limitations that justify arthritis sufferers’ claims.

Establishing And Enforcing Your Right To Disability Benefits

Our lawyers can offer sound guidance whether you have encountered a disability claim denial or delay, received notice your benefits are being terminated, or want to position your claim upfront for the best chance of success.

We are intensely familiar with the strategies and tactics used by disability insurance carriers to avoid paying benefits. In arthritis cases, we often overcome disputes over the severity and progression of the disease, along with the refusal of an insurance company to recognize the disabling side effects of anti-inflammatory medications, your need for knee or hip replacement surgery and other facts of your case.

Successfully Countering Wrongful Claim Denials And Delays for Decades

We work closely with qualified medical experts to build the best possible case for you, and often to counter the opinions of doctors hired by the insurance company to evaluate your health and claim in their favor. Our decades of focused advocacy for disabled clients have prepared us to deal effectively with ambiguous policy language, exclusions, changes in the definition of disability after two years, and other factors in your case.

To discuss the specifics of your situation in a free case evaluation by a leading disability lawyer focused exclusively on the representation of policyholders, call our San Francisco office at (415) 433-8000. We provide our services statewide throughout California.