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An ERISA disability claim denial can leave you unable to work, without an income and without the disability insurance benefits you need to survive financially. If you obtained your disability insurance through your employer, it is probably regulated by ERISA and offers you few legal rights, options or protections.

An ERISA disability claim denial also leaves you without the option of suing the insurance company for insurance bad faith. ERISA regulations greatly favor insurance companies and give them wide latitude for denying claims.

In certain situations, insurance companies do not have to show that they were correct in denying a disability claim; they only need to show that the denial was not arbitrary or capricious.

When you start out with the deck stacked against you, it is essential to have a skilled ERISA attorney on your side. The right attorney can help even the odds and give you a fair chance of receiving the ERISA disability benefits you are entitled to receive.

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, our ERISA attorneys have the skills and experience required to help you achieve your goal. Over the past 17 years, we have helped thousands of clients receive ERISA disability insurance benefits.

Weighing Your Options

We will carefully analyze your situation to determine whether your case could be considered outside of ERISA regulations and whether a third party — someone other than you or the insurance company — could be liable for your denied disability benefits or other damages you may have incurred.

We will obtain your claim file and help you fill it with information favorable to your case. In ERISA litigation, you don’t have a right to a jury trial or, in most cases, the right to testify or present evidence before a judge. The information in the claim file is sometimes the only information a judge will consider during an ERISA appeal. We know which documents and what information can help turn a claim denial into an acceptance.

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