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Did a new manager fail to take appropriate action when an employee alleged sexual harassment? Did a supervisor wrongly terminate an employee who had missed too much work because of illness? Did an employee allege a pattern of age or race discrimination in the manner in which your business laid off its workers?

California companies can face significant financial liability when employment practices fail to hold up to scrutiny in court. If your company is found guilty of employment law violations, you could face millions of dollars in damages and court fees. You need the experienced attorneys of Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, helping you protect your investment.

We Get Insurance Companies To Pay On EPLI Policies

Many companies buy employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) just for this purpose. EPLI will protect your company from financial losses associated with employment violations, such as harassment, wrongful termination or workplace torts not covered by your commercial general liability policy.

Purchasing an EPLI policy is one thing; getting the insurance company to pay out on a claim for a policy is another, however. It’s not unusual that when the business policyholder actually files a claim under the EPLI policy, the insurer delays or denies coverage.

In an increasing number of cases, the insurer goes back to examine the original underwriting and claims the employer was dishonest in the initial EPLI application and therefore the insurer has a right to cancel the policy.

The insurance bad faith attorneys at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, represent businesses that have experienced unfair claim denials and policy cancellation. We represent business clients in insurance bad faith claims regarding employment practices liability insurance.

We Are Prepared To Take Your Denied Insurance Claim To Trial

Our firm provides both legal counsel and trial court representation in employment practices liability matters. We will review your policy to determine if your claim has been wrongfully been denied because of an exclusion or misinterpretation of the policy. If your claim has been unfairly denied or wrongly rescinded, we will represent you in court as you seek to have your policy reinstated.

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