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Sun Life Insurance Company Claims Denial LawyersSun Life Insurance Company of Canada (a division of Sun Life Financial) offers group disability and group life insurance services for clients across the globe. Established in 1865, Sun Life is known for underwriting short-term disability (STD), long-term disability (LTD) and group-term life insurance. If you are a disability policyholder and your benefits have been delayed or denied by Sun Life or another major insurance company, our Sun Life Insurance Company Claims Denial Attorney at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, will represent your interests in your claim.

We represent clients in San Francisco and throughout Northern California in disability insurance claims. Our firm is entirely dedicated to representing policyholders and we are committed to achieving favorable results for our clients.

Tactics commonly used by Sun Life to delay, dispute, reject or terminate benefits

Sun Life Financial, also known as Sun Life Insurance Company of Canada is a known provider of long term disability insurance in the United States. While they have made efforts to expand their presence in the US market such as securing naming rights for Sun Life Stadium in Miami there have been instances where policyholders with claims have faced challenges with denied claims. Have you experienced any of the following tactics by Sun Life?

  • Burdening you with amounts of administrative paperwork?
  • Unnecessarily prolonging the assessment process for your disability insurance claim?
  • Subjecting you your family members or close acquaintances to questioning during the evaluation of your claim?
  • Denying benefits based on a medical peer review that contradicts widely accepted medical knowledge? For example linking stress to artery disease (CAD) or heart failure.
  • Presenting inadequate settlement offers after threatening to reject your insurance claim?
  • Suggesting that you forgo representation in order to understand your rights under your policy or, under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) if applicable?

It’s important not to accept Sun Life’s decisions without putting up resistance.

Before agreeing to any settlement offer from Sun Life regarding your disability insurance policy it is crucial to seek advice from a Sun Life Insurance Company Claims Denial Attorney. Throughout this process you have rights and you don’t have to face the difficulties posed by the insurance company or claims adjuster, on your own.

California Lawyers Sun Life Insurance Company Claims

Sun Life, like many insurance companies, has been known to deny benefits to disabled individuals wrongfully. We took Sun Life to trial for our client disabled due to an aortic dissection and Marfan syndrome, and recovered all of our client’s disability benefits. Whatever the reason for your denial, the team at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, has the skills to take on your claim.

Disability claims can be complex. Your attorney must fully understand the strategies that can be used to persuade the insurance company to provide benefits and have a proven track record. The lawyers at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, have obtained multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for disabled policyholders and have handled some of the most complex disputes in the state. We understand confusing policy language that is often used in Sun Life disability policies and are familiar with the tactics that are needed to counter the unreasonable demands that the insurance company will make.

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Our Sun Life Insurance Company Claims Denial Attorney specializes in handling denied claims. We are committed to assisting clients who are facing challenges with their claims. With a superior knowledge of insurance law and a deep understanding of Sun Life Company strategies, our attorney works tirelessly to fight for your rights. We will carefully examine your case, contest any denials, navigate the complexities of paperwork, and negotiate on your behalf to secure the benefits you rightfully deserve. You don’t have to face the frustration of a denied claim. Our attorney is here to provide you with skilled representation and guidance, throughout the entire process ensuring that you receive the compensation and support you need.

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