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Business And Income Protection Insurance Claims

Insurance companies offer an array of products in categories such as business protection and income protection. Some are marketed as a means of keeping a small business or professional practice running and solvent if the owner becomes disabled. As with other forms of disability insurance, it is common for disputes to arise once the insured files a claim.

If you purchased business overhead expense (BOE) insurance or a similar type of coverage and now have a disabling injury or illness, you are depending on that coverage to bridge an income gap and help protect your business in the event you can no longer maintain it. A claim denial or dispute over covered expenses can have a devastating impact.

Your California Resource For Disputes Over Disability Coverage And Covered Expenses

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, our attorneys are prepared to assess and contest business insurance issues such as:

  • Disputes over whether your condition meets the definition of disability set forth in your policy
  • Disputes over coverage amounts, monthly maximums and covered overhead expenses that often include rent, equipment leases and maintenance, business taxes and more
  • Unreasonable medical, accounting and other demands by the insurance company responsible for providing coverage and paying your claim

Our San Francisco attorneys focus exclusively on representing policyholders, and we have helped many professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners obtain benefits critical for their stability and futures. At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, we know insurance company strategies and tactics for avoiding payment of claims — and we have the proven ability to overcome them.

Analyzing Your Case And Targeting All The Benefits You Deserve

You may have a cause of action even if your insurer is paying some benefits but undervaluing your claim and refusing to pay expenses you believe are covered. To work with lawyers who can determine your legal options, explain your rights and take action on your behalf, call us at (415) 433-8000 or complete our convenient online form for a free case evaluation.