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Helping Professionals And Executives With Their Disability Insurance Claims

Increasingly, high-earning professionals and executives purchase “income protection” in the form of individual disability insurance policies. Generally speaking, these are costly policies marketed primarily to doctors, other licensed professionals and high-ranking corporate executives seeking peace of mind and security for their families.

Legitimate disability claims under these policies are often met with denials and delays that quickly shatter that peace of mind. Insurance companies go to great lengths to avoid paying the full benefits their individual or occupational disability policies promise. Our San Francisco professional claims attorneys have decades of experience making them pay, confronting issues with individual LTD and STD claims that include:

  • Disputes over whether your condition meets the definition of disability or professional incapacity contained in your policy
  • The company’s retroactive cancellation, or rescission, of your disability policy, often citing failure to report a preexisting condition or other problems with your original application
  • An insurance sales representative’s or broker’s misrepresentation of your policy and coverage at the time of purchase

A Track Record Of Success For Policyholders In Complex Insurance Disputes

We understand the realities of attempting to work with a disabling condition, and the complex decisions and setbacks you may face along the way. Unfortunately, the very fact that you worked through pain and limitations as long as you could, might be exploited by the insurance company. They may also contend that you can continue to work in some related capacity — performing exams rather than surgery, for example — and therefore are not entitled to full benefits.

Legal recourse for pursuing your rightful benefits under an individual disability policy is more powerful than that available for a group policy governed by the federal law ERISA. We are prepared to pursue all available remedies and punitive damages available under California law if your insurer acted in bad faith.

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