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Surgical procedures require ample time for the patient to fully heal. When a surgical procedure is done wrong or has failed, the result can leave the patient suffering from a long-term disability that prevents him or her from working. At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, we represent people throughout California in disability claims involving STD, LTD, life insurance claims and all issues involving delayed or denied claims.

With more than three decades of experience, our lawyers are known for their legal abilities. We are considered insurance industry leaders and have a lengthy track record representing policyholders. Located in San Francisco, we represent clients throughout the entire state of California.

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When a surgical procedure fails, you can suffer a broad range of injuries. Sometimes coping with the failed procedure can completely drain someone of his or her ability to return to work — leaving them permanently disabled. The side effects of medications and rehabilitation can also take a toll on a person, preventing him or her from being able to continue working.

Whether your neck surgery is the result of an accident, disease or another type of impairment, our disability attorneys will help you through the process of obtaining your disability benefits. Having extensive experience handling insurance claims involving a wide range of disabling conditions gives us the insight we need to effectively approach a situation. We work hard for our clients and make certain we hold the insurance company accountable.

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