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Has Unum Unfairly Denied Your Insurance Claim? You Are Not Alone

Unum Group, still sometimes referred to as Unum Provident, is a clear disability insurance market leader with roots extending back to 1848. According to its own corporate website, annual sales are in the $10 billion range and the company has ranked first among U.S. providers of group and individual disability insurance policies since the mid-1970s.

Along the way, the company has expanded through mergers and acquisitions involving companies such as Colonial Life, Paul Revere, General American and Provident. It is a market-leading player in long-term disability, long-term care insurance, life insurance and other forms of coverage. In the past, Unum Group has come under fire for improperly delaying or denying the disability claims of its policyholders.

Exposing Wrongful Unum Disability Denial Practices And Winning Results

In 2003, our Unum Disability Claims Lawyer won a $32 million-dollar jury verdict in a long-term disability case against Unum Group. This case, together with other prominent litigation and investigative media coverage including a CBS 60 Minutes story, exposed Unum claim denial schemes and practices such as providing bonuses and other incentives to employees for “closing” large claims.

Disability insurance denials, bad faith tactics, and abuses are widespread, and our firm is intensely dedicated to pursuing the rights and interests of policyholders they victimize. We are proven insurance lawyers who build the strongest possible cases for our clients and take them all the way through jury trials when necessary to get just results.

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Because we do this on a daily basis, our knowledge extends across the spectrum of disabling conditions and strategies used by Unum Group.

The best approach to your case will depend on many factors, such as whether your policy is governed by the federal law known as ERISA or by state law. As your law firm, we will ask the right questions, find answers and relentlessly pursue the results you deserve.

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