Keyman Insurance Claims Lawyer

San Francisco Keyman Insurance Claims Attorney Representing California and National Clients

Some businesses and professional practices purchase insurance to protect against a business-critical individual’s death or disability. Referenced variously as “key man,” “key-man” or “key person” insurance, such policies can be an essential form of business protection, but terms vary widely between insurers and wrongful claim denials and delays are common.

In purchasing a keyman insurance policy, a company acknowledges the covered individual’s dominant role in its success and profitability. The purpose is clear: prevention of business insolvency and collapse in a time of crisis. However, keyman insurance coverage problems and insurance company delays can have serious, even irreparable consequences for a business.

Claim Denials And Delays Can Push A Business To The Breaking Point

Our San Francisco disability insurance attorneys can step in quickly to analyze your legal rights and options. We recognize that even a single delayed payment could put your business at risk, and we are prepared to take fast action on your behalf, advocating for you in disputes over issues such as:

  • Whether a keyman’s injury or illness meets the definition of disability set forth in the policy
  • The cause, location, and circumstances of death if keyman life insurance coverage is involved
  • The amount of monthly benefit payments payable under the keyman policy terms

Dedicated Negotiators And Trial Lawyers Working Only For Policyholders

Our focus will be on maximizing the benefits due to you and compelling the insurer to treat you fairly or face proven trial lawyers. We have prevailed in many insurance bad faith lawsuits enabling the recovery of substantial damages, earning numerous multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts throughout California over the past several decades.

For skilled, experienced legal guidance on your keyman insurance problem or dispute, please contact us today by calling our San Francisco office at (415) 433-8000. We offer a free case evaluation to begin assessing your claim and options for obtaining rightful benefits and other compensation.