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Have You Made A Valid Mold Damage Claims That Was Denied By Your Insurer?

Water intrusion and water damage, resulting in the growth of black mold, are two of the more common types of property damage in California. They are also two of the more common homeowner policy claims that routinely get denied. If your insurer has denied your water damage claim or underpaid you, then you need to talk to an experienced lawyer to learn more about your options.

Property Insurance Coverage Disputes

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, our insurance lawyers represent policyholders in insurance coverage disputes and in bad faith insurance litigation. If you believe your water damage claim was unfairly denied, or that the insurance adjusters undervalued the damage to your property, we can assist you in several ways.

  • We can review your policy to determine if the damage to your property is covered by your policy. This may involve an investigation into the exact cause of the water damage.
  • If you are covered and the insurance company is underpaying on your claim, we can help you obtain an accurate valuation of your property and the water damage to your property. We can help you challenge an inaccurate appraisal of damages.
  • If you are covered and the insurance company has arbitrarily and wrongly denied your claims, we will bring your case to court.

In water damage cases, insurance companies often deny claims by saying that water damage was caused by flooding or other types of natural disasters rather than rain (if the homeowner does not have flood insurance or other disaster coverage). This may or may not be true. Only an honest, unbiased investigation of the property will tell, and you often cannot get that from the insurance investigator.

A Proper Settlement Is Based On A Valid Appraisal

Insurance companies often give policyholders a low valuation of their property damage. They routinely underestimate how much it will cost to repair or replace it. Don’t sign a settlement agreement for water damage or mold if you do not believe it’s fair and accurate. Have our attorneys review your case and determine if an appraisal is needed to ensure you have the funds to rebuild or repair a structurally sound and healthy home.

How We Can Help

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, our insurance trial attorneys represent policyholders in insurance coverage disputes and in insurance bad faith litigation. To learn if we can be of assistance to you, call our San Francisco law offices at (415) 433-8000 or send us an email. We represent policyholders throughout California.