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Helping Those Suffering From Cancer Treatment With Their Disability Insurance Claims

Most types of cancer aggressively attack a person’s body and require very specific treatment in order to overcome the disease. In some instances, treatments for cancer can make it impossible for someone to continue working. If you have filed a disability insurance claim and you are facing challenges as the result of your claim being denied or delayed, the legal team at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, will analyze your claim to determine what your legal options are.

Many people choose to work with our attorneys because of the proven results they have achieved. Our San Francisco law firm is entirely focused on disability insurance claims, including delayed and denied claims. Over the years we have obtained many multimillion-dollar settlements on behalf of clients. We maintain a strong focus on reaching positive results for our clients, regardless of the challenges involved in the case.

California Cancer Treatment Disability Lawyers Taking Action For Policyholders

Those who are disabled as the result of cancer treatment face two significant obstacles — overcoming the cancer and coping with the side effects of treatments. Many cancer treatment programs involve chemotherapy, among other potentially debilitating treatments. The types of treatments vary, depending on which stage of cancer the person is in and how aggressively the disease is attacking the body.

The unfortunate reality is that many insurance companies do not realize that cancer treatments can prevent a person from continuing to work in their given profession. When we take on your case, we will examine all possible legal options and work to build a strong case that compels the insurance company to provide you with the benefits you deserve.

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