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assurant company denial lawyersAssurant is a prominent U.S. company headquartered in New York and focused on marketing and servicing products in insurance sectors such as group and individual health insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance. This company reported 2010 sales of over $8.5 billion through business units that include Assurant Employee Benefits and Assurant Health. Our Assurant Company Denial Attorney know the insurance companies ins and outs with denial claims.

Prior incarnations of the company and various mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations have involved other prominent past and current names in insurance such as Fortis Inc., Mayflower, American Memorial Life, and many others.

History of Assurant and Fortis Inc.

According to Assurant, “Fortis, Inc. – Assurant’s predecessor – was formed when AMEV/VSB of the Netherlands and AG, joined forces in the first cross-border European merger in the financial sector. Fortis was a financial services company that, through its operating companies and affiliates, provided specialty insurance, such as prefunded funeral insurance, and investment products to businesses and individuals in the United States.” Fortis no longer existing in its original form due to various mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures that have occurred over the years. Fortis’s banking and financial services assets underwent significant changes, especially during the financial crisis of 2007-2008, leading to the restructuring and sale of parts of its business.

Navigating the Complex Path with Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP

When you purchase insurance, you’re buying a promise — a promise that if something goes wrong, you’ll receive financial support to help you manage the situation. Companies like Assurant, a global provider of risk management solutions, play a crucial role in fulfilling this promise by offering various insurance products, including health, life, disability, and property insurance. However, there are instances when claims are denied, leaving policyholders in a difficult position. This is where our Assurant Company Denial Attorney comes into the picture, offering a beacon of hope for those facing Assurant company denials.

Understanding Assurant Company Denials

  • Complex Policies: Insurance policies are often dense and complex documents filled with legal jargon that can be difficult for the average person to understand. This complexity can lead to misunderstandings about coverage, resulting in claim denials.
  • Pre-existing Conditions: One common reason for denial is the presence of a pre-existing condition that the policyholder may not have disclosed or was unaware of at the time of application.
  • Non-covered Events: Claims may also be denied if the event that triggered the claim is not covered under the policy’s terms.

How a  Can Assurant Company Denial Attorney Help

As one of America’s top disability firm, specializes in helping clients navigate the often murky waters of insurance claims. With a team of highly skilled attorneys experienced in insurance law, Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP has a proven track record of assisting policyholders in overturning unjust denials and securing the benefits they rightfully deserve.

  • Policy Review: Conduct a thorough review of your insurance policy to understand the coverage and identify any potential areas of contention.
  • Claim Analysis: They then analyze your claim to determine the reasons for denial and gather evidence to counter the insurer’s decision.
  • Legal Expertise: With extensive knowledge of insurance law and a deep understanding of insurance companies’ tactics, the firm is well-equipped to challenge denials and fight for your rights.
  • Negotiation and Litigation: Whether through negotiation or litigation, Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP is prepared to take the necessary steps to ensure you receive the benefits you’re entitled to.

What if I am Denied Through Assurant

Imagine let’s say, Sarah, a policyholder who had disability insurance through Assurant. After an unexpected illness left her unable to work, she filed a claim for disability benefits, only to have her claim denied. The reason? Assurant cited a pre-existing condition clause, arguing that her illness was related to a condition she had before purchasing the policy.

The team at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP reviewed Sarah’s policy in detail and gathered medical evidence to prove that her illness was not related to any pre-existing condition. They also highlighted inconsistencies in Assurant’s claim review process.

After a thorough investigation and several rounds of negotiations, Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP was able to overturn the denial, securing her the disability benefits she needed to support herself during her recovery. This example illustrates not only the challenges policyholders may face when dealing with insurance denials but also the crucial role that legal expertise plays in overcoming these obstacles. An Assurant Company Denial Attorney can help you navigate the sometimes complex insurance claim process.

Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP Care and Can Help

People who rely on health, life, long-term disability (LTD) and other forms of insurance coverage provided by Assurant and its subsidiaries are subject to the same injustices and abuses common to other major carriers. Common practices used to deny and delay valid claims often include:

  • Disability claim denials without proper consideration of medical evidence, including denials based on biased internal or “independent” medical opinions
  • Excessive delays in payment of LTD benefits, often accompanied by unreasonable demands for medical and financial information from disabled individuals and their families

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, our decades of experience litigating against insurance companies have covered the spectrum of confusing policy language, obscure and hidden exclusions, interactions between different types of available benefits, unreasonable information demands and much more.

Contact Our Assurant Company Denial Attorney About Your Assurant Insurance Claim

Insurance claim denials can be a significant source of stress and uncertainty, leaving policyholders feeling vulnerable and unsure of where to turn. However, with the right legal support, it’s possible to challenge these denials and secure the benefits you deserve. Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP stands out as a firm dedicated to fighting for the rights of insurance policyholders, offering a glimmer of hope in what can often seem like a daunting situation.

If you’re facing a denial from Assurant or any other insurance company, reaching out to Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP could be the first step towards resolving your issue and moving forward. If you are seeking lawyers prepared to thoroughly evaluate your insurance dispute anywhere in California, we encourage you to call our San Francisco office at (415) 433-8000 or contact us for a free case evaluation.