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Don’t Let Your Insurer Unjustly Deny Your Homeowners Insurance Claim

Two of the most frequent reasons homeowners insurance claims are denied are the application of policy exclusions and disputes overvaluation. The insurance attorneys at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, can help with these and other homeowner claim disputes.

Policy Exclusions

In order to maintain their profits, insurance companies sometimes deny homeowner policy claims based upon an overly broad interpretation of the exclusions in the policy. Claims for damages caused by water damage, landslides, pipeline explosion, earthquakes, fires, and theft often result in insurance companies claiming the loss is excluded under the homeowner’s insurance policy.

These claim denials can be reversed if there is a question about what truly caused the event that damaged your property. Not all water damage qualifies as flood damage, for example. Was the landslide a natural disaster or was it caused by the negligence of your uphill neighbor? Was a pipeline explosion caused by a utility company? How might that affect your recovery under your homeowner’s policy?

The insurance attorneys of Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, will help you receive all the benefits you are entitled to under your homeowner’s insurance policy; we will help investigate your case to determine the true cause of the damage.

Valuation Disputes

Insurance companies often give policyholders a low valuation of their property and underestimate how much it will cost to repair or replace it. Don’t sign a settlement agreement without first speaking with an attorney who can help you get a proper appraisal of your damaged property.

Was Someone Injured On Your Property?

If someone is injured on your property, your homeowner’s policy will usually require the insurance company to provide an attorney to defend you, at the insurance company’s expense. If the insurance company refuses to defend you, this may be a breach of your contract with the insurer or an example of bad faith on the part of the insurer.

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