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Metlife Insurance Company Denial LawyerThe Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, commonly referred to as MetLife, established a leadership position among U.S. life insurance providers in the early 20th century. Today its corporate website describes the company as a “global life insurance and employee benefits powerhouse,” with millions of customers around the world. Our MetLife Insurance Claim Denial Attorney can help you if you’ve been denied but the insurance companies. MetLife markets a wide range of life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance and other types of policies and coverage. The company provides and manages group plans governed by the federal law ERISA as well as individual policies subject to state insurance laws.

Taking Action To Obtain Benefits For Victims Of Unfair Claim Handling Practices

Like other major life and disability insurance companies, MetLife has been the subject of many inquiries and extensive litigation involving unfair claim denials, delays and other unlawful practices that deprive policyholders of their rightful benefits. At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, our lawyers are dedicated to seeking justice and compensation for victims of:

  • Wrongful life insurance claim denials and delays, as well as retroactive life insurance policy cancellations once claims are filed
  • Problems with long-term care insurance policies the company sold prior to recently abandoning this market sector
  • Long-term disability (LTD) and short-term disability (STD) claim denials involving either a group plan or privately purchased disability policy

A dedicated attorney at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, will carefully analyze your policy, health condition and other circumstances to determine the best course of action in your quest to obtain the benefits you deserve.

What to Do If MetLife Denies Your Disability Claim

If you receive a letter from MetLife regarding your disability benefits it can be quite distressing. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and concerned about not being able to secure the monthly insurance benefits that support you and your loved ones during a time when you are unable to perform the essential duties of your occupation.

However, it’s important not to panic or hastily plead with MetLife for your benefits. Instead, it is advisable to seek guidance from a disability insurance attorney who specializes in contesting or appealing denials issued by MetLife.

One common mistake made by claimants is resubmitting information without addressing the actual reason for the denial. Our team of experts can uncover the specific grounds on which MetLife denied your disability claim enabling us to develop an effective appeal against this unjust decision.

In instances, our approach may involve;

  • Identifying the particular evidence required by MetLife to support your disability claim.
  • Recommending additional medical assessments, evaluations or tests.
  • Obtaining expert testimony from specialists who can confirm your inability to fulfill job responsibilities.

The strategy, for your appeal will depend on your circumstances and the reasons provided for the denial. However one thing is certain—dealing with MetLife can be quite challenging.If you want to relieve yourself of stress following a denial you can rely on us to handle your appeal efficiently and skillfully. We will take charge of negotiating with the adjusters on your behalf.

Insurance Companies and Denials

Insurance companies should not be allowed to deny valid disability insurance claims or use excuses to delay or reject them without proper justification.

In cases the actions taken or requested by insurers indicate that it may be necessary to seek the help of an experienced disability insurance attorney or an ERISA lawyer who can identify unwarranted delays or rejections. Major insurers like MetLife often employ various tactics to stall, deny or terminate disability insurance claims.

Fortunately there are determined policyholders who fight against these practices. MetLife has faced lawsuits initiated by policyholders who have chosen to take a stand. One particular case stands out not for its specific details but also for the legal discussions it has sparked including commentary from the U.S. Supreme Court. These legal analyses provide insights, into how different courts handle denials of disability insurance claims and ERISA related disability matters.

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If you believed your income and future were protected under a MetLife insurance policy, but you have filed a claim and received a denial or encountered other problems, we encourage you to call our San Francisco office at (415) 433-8000 or contact us for a free case evaluation.