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Denial of health insurance claims can be devastating at a time when you most need the financial support of your health insurance policy. Medical bills are one of the top reasons for personal bankruptcies.

If you are involved in a healthcare or HMO coverage dispute or believe your claim for health insurance benefits has been unreasonably denied, you need an experienced attorney working on your behalf. The insurance law attorneys of Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, in San Francisco, represent individuals in health insurance claim denials throughout the state.

They Decrease Care To Increase Profits

Health insurance companies and HMOs maximize profits by minimizing the amount of benefits they pay to policyholders. In their zeal to reduce costs, health insurance companies often unreasonably deny, delay or reduce payment of valid claims or otherwise act in bad faith. Through negotiation, arbitration, and litigation, our law firm stands up for the rights of policyholders and persuades — or compels — insurance companies to live up to the terms of their policies.

We have extensive experience with health insurance companies who have not adequately considered their policyholders’ best interests. For example, we represent clients in these situations:

  • The insurance company pre-approves an expensive medical procedure, then turns around and refuses to pay the bill after the surgery was completed.
  • A policyholder is denied the opportunity for treatment by the only doctor in the country who is experienced in the treatment of their child’s rare disease.
  • The insurance company denies a claim because it says a medical procedure is experimental — even when doctors disagree.
  • Insurance companies deny coverage for out-of-network emergency care, when a patient was in no condition to call the insurer for pre-approval.

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