Brain Injury Claims Lawyer

Fighting For The Insurance Claims Of Clients Who Have Suffered Brain Injuries

The disabling effects of a brain injury may surface quickly or take time to manifest themselves. For many people who suffer accidental injury and traumatic brain injury — or damage to the brain due to stroke, heart attack or another cause — the challenge of obtaining much-needed disability benefits is very significant.

Our San Francisco brain injury attorneys have decades of experience fighting wrongful claim denials, administrative delays, and terminations of benefits for people disabled from work throughout California. We advocate on behalf of professionals covered by individual long-term disability policies they purchased to protect their incomes, as well as people who suffer brain injuries and must seek benefits under employer-provided plans.

Earning Results Through Experience, Analysis And Decisive Action

While research into brain injury has advanced the medical profession’s understanding substantially in recent years, insurance companies often deny brain injury disability claims and place unreasonable burdens on legitimately disabled people seeking the benefits they deserve.

We are prepared to analyze your independently purchased or ERISA-governed disability policy thoroughly and determine the best course of legal action available to help you get your rightful benefits. We have earned positive results for licensed professionals and executives as well as Californians working in a full range of other industries and pursuits.

Pursuing All Angles To Obtain Disability Benefits For Brain Injury Victims

Our lawyers work with qualified medical experts to substantiate the impact of cognitive impairments, memory loss, fatigue, mood swings and other known consequences of brain injuries on people’s ability to continue in their jobs and professions. We have experience overcoming all types of insurance company strategies and legal arguments for obstructing claims, and with dealing with complex coverage issues such as:

  • “Own occupation” vs. “any occupation” definitions of disability
  • Refusal to accept a brain injury diagnosis that cannot be proven through MRIs or other objective test results
  • Policy exclusions and limitations pertaining to mental conditions

Your individual claim and how it is handled truly matter to us at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP. We recognize that your well-being and the security of your family may hinge on your ultimate success with your disability claim. Whether you have received an outright claim denial, a warning that your benefits will be terminated, or a notice of unusual and burdensome requirements, we are prepared to provide a free case evaluation focused on your needs.

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