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Liberty Mutual is one of America’s largest insurers for home, auto, workers’ compensation, and life insurance. It also provides short- and long-term disability (LTD) insurance.

Liberty Mutual has the distinction of being named one of the ten worst insurance companies in America by the American Association for Justice (AAJ). Liberty Mutual made the list because of its abusive claims handling practices including denying, delaying and terminating legitimate claims.

The lawyers at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, defend the rights of policyholders to obtain the benefits for which they have paid. In our ERISA practice, we help California policyholders bring claims and appeal claim denials in the area of employer-provided life and disability insurance.

Previous Claims Against Liberty Mutual

Recently, Pillsbury & Coleman prevailed against Liberty Mutual and obtained disability benefits owed and attorney’s fees in a published decision, Moody v. Liberty Life Assur Co., 595 F.Supp.2d 1090 (N.D. Cal. 2009).

Liberty Mutual hired consulting company McKinsey & Co. to help it improve its bottom line by reducing the amount it paid in claims. By delaying payments, offering less, and denying long-term disability claims, Liberty Mutual has improved its profits at the expense of policyholders.

Liberty Mutual now faces a growing reputation for policyholder complaints and an increase in ERISA and non-ERISA lawsuits. Common complaints Liberty Mutual policyholders have expressed include:

  • Months of delays in payment due to frequent requests for additional information and additional medical records
  • Frequent and excessive phone calls to injured workers and medical providers to the point of harassment
  • Frequent changes of adjustor
  • Unfair claim denials based on the recommendations of in-house or consulting doctors
  • Claim denials after an initial approval
  • Failing to return phone calls
  • Inaccurate information in insurance files

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