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Fire Causes Immense Losses. Let Us Hold Your Insurer Accountable.

A fire can turn a home or business to ashes in a matter of minutes. However, most victims of a fire consider themselves fortunate to escape with their lives. They trust that their insurance will help them rebuild and start over.

Sadly, many fire survivors are victimized by their own insurance companies, who refuse to pay valid claims. Fire loss insurance claims denials leave policyholders unable to put their lives back together.

Powerful Advocates For California Policyholders

An insurance company will often look for any possible reason to deny your fire loss claim. They may falsely accuse you of arson or insurance fraud. They may delay or deny payment because you cannot produce documents that were destroyed in the fire. They may base their denial on a fire cause and origin report that is of questionable quality. A public adjuster may have negligently assessed the valuation of your losses.

Our skilled attorneys will review your case, challenge insurance companies who act in bad faith and advocate for you to receive the full amount of insurance benefits you deserve. If you are the victim of insurance bad faith, we will zealously seek all appropriate damages to which you may be entitled.

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