Cardiac Disability Insurance Claims Lawyer

Attorneys Helping With Cardiac Disability Insurance Claims in California and Nationwide

After a heart attack or the onset of any heart condition that limits or ends your ability to work, you may be highly dependent on your disability insurance coverage. A severe cardiac condition may impair your ability to work in a stressful job, or it may place you at greater risk for a catastrophic cardiac event. Running into a claim denial or unreasonable barriers and requirements can be an overwhelming setback at a time when you are least equipped to deal with it.

A Proven Law Firm Focused On Holding Insurers Accountable

Your legal options for pursuing disability benefits will depend on many specifics of your case, beginning with whether you have employer-provided coverage regulated by the federal law ERISA or an independently obtained, “non-ERISA” disability policy subject to state laws.

In either situation, the San Francisco law firm of Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, is prepared to assess all aspects of your case and offer sound legal guidance based on many decades of experience advocating for policyholders. We work to overcome all types of insurance company resistance and issues involving:

  • Ambiguous disability definitions and policy exclusions
  • Disputes over whether your heart condition prevents you from working all together or would allow you to work in another occupation
  • Claims that, although continuing to work creates an unreasonable risk for a cardiac event, this fails to satisfy the definition of disability
  • Harassment in the form of required examinations by the company’s own Independent Medical Examiners (IMEs), demands for tax returns and other records, and other burdensome demands

We recognize that a cardiovascular condition may bring problems that are work-ending and risks that are life-threatening. Our team is committed to building the strongest possible case on your behalf, citing effects that may include greatly reduced energy and stamina, heart palpitations and severe anxiety, and the disabling side effects of medications necessary to control your condition and symptoms.

Representing People Disabled From Work Throughout California

We are here to help you pursue your disability claim arising from any type of serious cardiac condition or cardiovascular disease. Please call our San Francisco office at (415) 433-8000 or contact us via email for a free case evaluation so that we can begin exploring your legal rights and options.