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Progressive diseases affect individuals in many different ways. Not only do you have to deal with the physical and mental impairments that the disease may cause, but also the financial aspects involved in obtaining long-term treatment for the disease. If you have experienced challenges as the result of your insurance claim being delayed or denied, you can turn to our law firm for competent and knowledgeable legal representation.

Located in San Francisco, the lawyers at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, represent clients throughout northern California in disability insurance claims. Our skilled team has significant experience representing clients in a wide range of disabling conditions, ranging from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to disabilities from cancer treatment.

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Parkinson’s disease attacks the central nervous system and affects motor movement in an individual. Symptoms often include shaking, difficulty walking and moving, and slowness of movement and fatigue. The disease aggressively attacks the body, first causing physical impairments and then can cause cognitive impairments, including dementia. Different programs are available for patients with Parkinson’s, and the treatment options change as the disease progresses.

If you are disabled and cannot remain working in your profession as a result of Parkinson’s disease, you need a lawyer on your side who knows how to approach your case from an effective standpoint. We recognize that our clients face legitimate work-ending conditions and know that the insurance company is likely going to try to deny or delay your claim. Our attorneys are here to help you get the hard-earned benefits that you deserve.

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