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Is An Insurer Denying The Protection You Purchased?

A disabling injury or illness can create major financial stress and lead to many insurance questions. Most people do not give much thought to all the types of coverage they depend on until a problem arises — and, often, the problem is a disability claim denial or some form of “stonewalling” tactics by the insurance company.

Many life insurance policies have provisions or “riders” such as a disability waiver of premium that provides for payment of life premiums should the covered individual be disabled. These provisions have waiting periods for coverage to kick in and other requirements, and most are dependent on whether the insured is judged to meet the definition of disability contained in the life insurance policy.

A denial or delay involving a life insurance disability premium waiver can be a serious matter since a lapse in life insurance coverage can have catastrophic costs. Many people have disability insurance policies with the same company, and an adverse decision on whether you are disabled could impact multiple forms of coverage.

We Handle Disputes Involving All Types Of Disability And Life Insurance Coverage

Across decades of experience, our San Francisco life insurance disability lawyers have dealt with disputes involving all kinds of policies and provisions. We understand all you may have on the line, financially and personally, when an insurance company reneges or drags its feet on an important financial obligation to you.

We encourage you to get us involved as early as possible in the process if you run into a problem with any insurance claim under your disability or life insurance policies. You can depend on our lawyers for quality analysis of your rights and legal options, beginning with a free case evaluation. Call our office at (415) 433-8000 to learn more.