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Hartford Insurance Claim Denials LawyersHartford insurance policies are products of the Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., a Fortune 150 company with a leading position in insurance and wealth management services. This company’s corporate website reported 2010 revenues exceeding $22 billion and core earnings of $1.9 billion. Our Hartford Insurance Claim Denials Attorney knows all too well what Hartford

The Hartford, founded and headquartered in Connecticut, offers a vast range of insurance products to employers and individuals, including group health, life and accident, short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) plans, as well as voluntary benefits and individual policies.

Exposing Unfair Insurance Practices And Taking Action For Policyholders

Wrongful claim denials, benefit delays, and other unlawful practices are common reasons for ERISA appeals and litigation, as well as lawsuits in California state courts, against disability and life insurance companies such as The Hartford.

A 2009 Good Morning America story delved into the story of a man who had begun collecting disability benefits under a Hartford LTD insurance policy after breaking his neck, but whose benefits were later terminated based on surveillance videos showing him engaged in normal activities. Although the company reversed its decision and paid benefits under media scrutiny and the pressure of potential litigation, many other such cases have surfaced over the years.

Hartford has a well-documented track record of aggressively reviewing claims, even those of insureds who have permanent conditions and have been on disability for years. In addition to attacking the misuse of video surveillance, we pursue claims based on other common abuses such as wrongful claim denials based on the biased opinions of in-house doctors or so-called independent medical examiners (IMEs).

How Are Claims Handled With Hartford Insurance Company?

If your employer has workers compensation insurance through Hartford they will guide you on what to do if you have a work related injury or illness. Hartford acts as your employers provider for workers compensation by paying the premiums for this coverage. Their initial advice will be to make sure you get medical attention as long as the healthcare provider is part of the network of specialists covered by workers compensation. While you receive the medical care your employer will start the process of filing a claim.

The specific timeframe, for filing a claim depends on the regulations of the state where the workplace incident occurred. Once the claim is submitted Hartford will contact your employer to inform them about the coverage based on both state regulations and policy terms.

During this stage the employer will assign you a unique claim number. You can then share this claim number with any provider you see instead of relying on your regular health insurance.

To be eligible, for compensation employees do not need to prove their employers liability or fault. They just need to meet the criteria;

  • The person who got injured is an employee of the company.
  • The injury or illness was caused by job related duties.
  • The injury occurred at the workplace.
  • The sickness is a result of the nature of their employment.

Turn To Proven Leaders In ERISA And Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, we have decades of negotiation and trial experience resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries for our clients. Our lawyers represent policyholders exclusively — not the insurance companies — and make wrongful disability denials and delays a central focus, along with life insurance claim denials and other serious injustices.

If you have received an unfair claim denial or termination of benefits, or you are facing excessive benefit delays or harassment in your dealings with Hartford or another company anywhere in California, call our San Francisco office at (415) 433-8000 or contact us for a free case evaluation.