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Have You Been Harmed By Delayed Payment Of Insurance Benefits?

An insurance policy gives policyholders the right to prompt payment of claims covered by the policy. If the insurance company doesn’t deny the payment of the claim outright, it may not simply delay the payment of a claim. Delayed payment of benefits is relatively common and can pose great financial hardship upon insureds who need the promised benefits promptly.

If your insurance company has unreasonably delayed payment of a valid claim for benefits, then you may be the victim of insurance bad faith. The insurance lawyers of Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, in San Francisco have more than 25 years of experience protecting the rights of California policyholders.

We Hold Insurers Liable For Delayed Benefits

Whether you made a claim on your disability insurance, homeowners insurance, general commercial liability insurance, health insurance, technology errors and omissions insurance, or any other type of policy, you have a legal right to be paid within a reasonable time period.

Insurance companies use a variety of tactics to delay payment as long as possible. Because they are seeking a reason to deny the claim, they may ask for unnecessary supporting evidence, insist that you see a doctor of their choosing, or accuse you of fraud.

Every day the insurance company delays payment is another day your money sits in their bank account earning interest for the insurance company.

Our lawyers know all about insurance law and the tactics of insurance companies. If the insurance company has acted in bad faith, we will not only pursue payment of your claim but will also seek, where appropriate, punitive damages as well.

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