Orthopedic Injuries Claims Lawyer

San Francisco Orthopedic Injuries Claims Attorney Serving Clients In California and Nationwide

Orthopedic injuries cover a broad spectrum of conditions that can be work-ending and life-changing. From doctors with hand and shoulder injuries to factory or public-sector workers disabled by back conditions or repetitive stress syndrome, many people find themselves relying on disability insurance they acquired independently or through an employer.

If you have suffered an injury or have an impairing medical condition, you filed a disability insurance claim or are preparing to do so and have concerns about the outcome, you can turn to our San Francisco orthopedic disability attorneys with confidence. We have many decades of experience obtaining benefits for victims of wrongful claim denials and other acts of insurance bad faith.

Contesting All Wrongful Claim Denial Strategies And Practices

Our firm is exclusively focused on representing insurance policyholders in their efforts to collect their rightful benefits and the damages due to them when they are treated unfairly. We can help if you have run into insurance company resistance or outright refusal to pay you disability benefits based on:

  • Findings of independent medical examiners (IMEs) who contradict your doctors’ opinions in favor of the insurance company
  • Issues related to a condition that has gradually worsened beyond your ability to “work through it” as you have for some time
  • Ambiguous policy language and application of exclusions
  • Allegations that you failed to disclose a pre-existing condition
  • “Own occupation” vs. “any occupation” definitions of disability
  • Refusal to recognize disabling injuries and conditions that are difficult to prove with objective test results such as MRIs and X-rays
  • Claims that activities you were surreptitiously observed performing are inconsistent with your impairment
  • Contentions that your condition is really a “mental illness” which has a limited pay period in the policy

Representing People Disabled From Work Throughout California

We are here to help you with your case arising from a disabling hand, shoulder or elbow injury; back or spinal injury; knee, foot or ankle injury; or any other orthopedic condition. Contact us at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, by calling us at (415) 433-8000 or email for a free case evaluation so that we can begin exploring your legal rights and options.