Antitrust Cases Where We Have Protected Those Wrongfully Accused

Our lawyers have defended clients against antitrust claims in the following cases:

Mills v. Cor-O-Van Records Management, Inc.
Defended Cor-O-Van against antitrust class action claim.

Result: Persuaded plaintiff to dismiss its unfounded claims against client without further proceedings or payment of any kind.

Visa USA Indirect Purchaser Antitrust Cases
Co-counsel for Visa in defense of consumer class action cases in numerous states alleging anti-competitive practices in the credit card and debit card markets.

Result: Nearly all antitrust claims resolved in favor of Visa through court dismissal or summary judgment. Remaining cases resolved through settlement.

Datasafe Publications, Inc. v. Galacticomm Technologies, Inc.
Defended Galacticomm against antitrust claims for alleged resale price maintenance and price discrimination.

Result: Swift confidential settlement favorable to client