Previous Competitors Antitrust Cases

Our lawyers have litigated antitrust disputes between competitors in the following cases:

St. Luke’s Hospital v. Cal. Pacific Medical Ctr. and Sutter Health
Represented St. Luke’s Hospital in an antitrust claim arising out of exclusionary agreements that unreasonably restrained trade and threatened the client’s future economic viability.

Result: Settlement that required a multi-million dollar cash infusion and a future affiliation to preserve the client as the primary source of hospital services for the surrounding community and its disadvantaged residents.

Chinese Hospital v. California Pacific Medical Group Represented Chinese Hospital in antitrust and unfair competition claims arising out of exclusionary practices in the San Francisco health care market that threatened the future economic viability of the hospital, its medical group and its health plan — and hindered their ability to serve the surrounding ethnic community.

Result: Settlement forbidding exclusionary practices and providing client with all requested relief.

Sun Microsystems v. Microsoft
Co-counsel on behalf of Sun Microsystems for unlawful restraint of trade and unfair competition in the operating system and key business software markets.

Result: $1.95 billion settlement