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When you purchase insurance, you are purchasing benefits and compensation in the case of an accident. If you did not get what you paid the insurance provider for, contact a San Mateo insurance bad faith insurance lawyer for assistance.

Insurance policies are designed to give you peace of mind. You pay monthly premiums and anticipate receiving benefits when you require them. If you’ve been in an accident and are having difficulty obtaining a reasonable settlement deal from your insurance firm or a third-party supplier, you might be frustrated and unsure how to proceed.

Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP’s San Mateo Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer knows how insurance negotiations are meant to work. We will assist you in navigating this complex area of the law while taking the requisite measures to recover the maximum value of your claim.

What is Insurance Bad Faith?

When dealing with an insurance provider that fails to treat claims in a fair manner, an insured individual can become upset. However, those persons have recourse under California law. Insurance companies are bound by California law to behave in good faith and fairly. When the reverse happens and insurance firms want to deny policyholders the benefits and security to which they are entitled, they are acting in bad faith.

Insurance companies in California are required by law to review and assess claims critically. This means they must perform a detailed search for evidence to back up a claim. When an insurance provider fails to perform a thorough search or only looks for facts to justify denying a claim, it is acting in bad faith.

Insurance Bad Faith Denials

When the insurance provider rejects a legitimate claim, the company can be found responsible to the insured for more than the original claim sum if bad faith is proved. Bad faith can occur when your insurance provider rejects a claim for reasons that are not fair. It is important to remember that if the denial was the result of an assessment mistake, there was no bad faith involved.

Your lawyer will demonstrate that your insurance firm did not conduct a comprehensive investigation before dismissing your claim. It might also be necessary to demonstrate that the insurance provider overlooked obvious details and evidence that may have influenced its decision. If your attorney may establish that your insurance provider has a history of denials that violate state insurance laws, bad faith can be shown.

Insurance Bad Faith cases we handle

Our San Mateo Insurance Bad Faith lawyer handles insurance bad faith claims involving a wide range of claims, including:

  • Medical care insurance claims
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance as well as accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance
  • Insurance for long-term care
  • Claims for property/casualty and uninsured motorists

What can be recovered?

If an insurance provider fails to pay policy benefits unreasonably, the policyholder can sue for breach of contract and “bad faith.” Only the policy benefits and interest on the sums withdrawn are recoverable in a breach of contract claim. You will recover the full amount of benefits due, plus interest if you file a claim for bad faith. You will also be able to recover lawyers’ fees for bringing the case to recover the benefits and additional damages over the number of unpaid program benefits.

These sums may include emotional stress, upset, and concern caused by t he insurance company’s unreasonable inability to pay benefits, economic damages, and punitive damages. These are things that are levied to punish the insurance company’s actions.

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If you feel your claim was wrongfully rejected, underpaid, or delayed, you might be able to claim compensation in a bad faith insurance claim. Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP‘s proven San Mateo insurance bad faith lawyers have extensive experience successfully resolving insurance bad faith cases in San Mateo, California. If their business client is taking preventative legal action or defending its credibility and properties during litigation, this can stop. Our seasoned San Mateo insurance bad faith lawyer understands that successful work begins with open and personal client relationships founded on effective collaboration. Contact us today, talk to our San Mateo Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer today.