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Sacramento Insurance Denials AttorneyWhen you are counting on disability benefits to hold you and your family over financially after a disabling accident or illness, one of the most frustrating things you can experience is getting denied benefits. Unfortunately, this happens far too frequently. If you have been denied disability benefits, you owe it to yourself to get the professional legal advice of a Sacramento insurance denials lawyer to work on your behalf. At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, we can help.

Navigating disability insurance can be complicated. Insurance companies don’t make it easy to file claims, and it seems as if they have erected hurdles at every turn. In the meantime, the person who is trying their hardest to maneuver the system finds out quickly how difficult it can be on their own. Consequently, a large percentage of disability insurance claims are denied. Fortunately, you have laws on your side.

Why Insurance Companies Deny Benefits

As for-profit enterprises, insurance companies don’t pay benefits easily. Any benefits that they pay out to policyholders eat away at their bottom line. This is the nature of the insurance industry. Consequently, insurance companies often look long and hard for reasons to deny a claim.

Disability insurance companies notoriously deny, delay, and downgrade claims, often for minor things. In addition, your claim must be supported with detailed assessments documenting your diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and support of your limitations by your physician in a way that is accepted by the insurance company. With so many moving parts, there are countless ways that a mistake can be made and a claim be denied.

Claimants are already juggling medical appointments, hospitalizations, and otherwise trying to manage their recovery. Getting denied for technicalities for a disability claim is particularly frustrating at these times.

Getting Critical Assistance After an Insurance Denial

While there are many valid reasons for an insurer to deny a claim, many are not. And while a policyholder is unable to work and is counting on these benefits to live, it puts those individuals in an immense financial and emotional bind. Having the assistance of a Sacramento insurance denials lawyers can be critical for a policyholder who doesn’t know where to turn for help.

How We Can Help

If you have been denied insurance benefits, we can help. At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, our skilled team of Sacramento insurance denials attorneys have dedicated our careers to the plight of individuals who are unfairly treated by the insurance industry. We understand insurance denials and have vast experience making it right and getting the benefits you need.

We will thoroughly examine your claim denial and assist you in making timely corrections or help you collect supporting documentation if you if you have been denied due to

  • Your paperwork — In many cases, a claim is denied for minor paperwork issues or missing documents.
  • Your evidence of disability is insufficient — An insurer will want substantial medical support of your disability. They may require more documentation from your provider.
  • They are questioning your disability — Unfortunately, in the interest of fraud, many insurance companies treat everyone who files a claim as if they are trying to defraud the company.
  • You don’t meet their definition of being disabled — Each company and policy will have specific criteria that defines a disability. We can help support your proof of eligibility to get the benefits you need.

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When your insurance company has denied your claim for disability benefits, you should get the assistance of skilled Sacramento insurance denials lawyers to help so you can collect the benefits you deserve. Contact Pillsbury & Coleman, LLC to understand your rights and how we can help.