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Sacramento Disability Denials LawyerAfter a disabling accident or illness, we want to be able to trust that we can turn to our disability benefits to see us through difficult times. Those who do, however, often learn the hard way how difficult it is to navigate a disability insurance claim. Unfortunately, a large percentage of disability claims are denied by the very company that they trust to provide a financial lifeline when they need it most. This is when you need a Sacramento Disability Denials Attorney.

Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, our team of disability denials lawyers in Sacramento is there to hold insurance companies accountable. Unfortunately, insurance companies often don’t treat their policyholders fairly. Many insurance companies deny benefits, delay them, devalue them or even rescind the policy entirely.

If your insurance company has denied your disability insurance benefits, get the assistance of an experienced Sacramento disability denials attorney to work on your behalf. When you are suffering a disability, you need someone on your side to help get your claim filed or denial appealed so you can get on with your life. At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, we offer peace of mind.

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Disability Claims?

Understanding the nature of the insurance industry enables us to see why so many claims are routinely denied on an annual basis. Insurance companies are primarily concerned with profits. Whenever they are required to pay a claim, this eats away at those profits.

Now consider a disability claim, which can be a large bite in those profits, depending on how long the benefits must be paid and how much they are. You may be able to understand the issue here. In short, the very industry tasked with keeping you financially afloat when you need it most is highly incentivized not to pay you. This is when you need a skilled Sacramento disability attorney in your corner.

Navigating a System That is Not in Your Favor

Your insurance company issues policies that are not necessarily written in your favor, to begin with. They often make it extremely difficult for you to qualify for benefits under their terms. Disability claims typically have many hurdles, timelines, and requirements to prove your disability. They will then challenge you at every turn. For your efforts, you may get a nice denial letter in the mail.

When you have a skilled Sacramento disability denials lawyer working on your behalf, you have someone on your side who has seen it all before and knows how to navigate the system. At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLC, we can assist you from the very beginning of your claim to ensure that you don’t get that denial letter in the mail.

From the very beginning, we help you understand your benefits and assist you in filing your paperwork to ensure its accuracy and completeness. One of the main reasons for a disability claim denial is the lack of accurate paperwork filed within the deadlines. We help you gather the evidence necessary to document your disability and ensure that the doctor works within the insurance company’s guidelines.

Appealing a Denial

If you have already been denied benefits, we can help. Fortunately, a denial is not the end of your disability claim. You have the right to appeal the insurance company’s determination.

Choosing a Sacramento Disability Denials Attorney To Help You

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLC, our team of Sacramento disability denials lawyers get to work immediately to work on your appeal to ensure that you get the benefits you deserve. We work with you and your doctors to ensure that your appeal is well-documented and supported. When you are denied benefits, we diligently fight on your behalf to get you the disability benefits you deserve. If we can’t find a way to do this through negotiation, we aren’t afraid to take large insurance companies to court. Contact us to see how we can help if you have received a denial for your disability claim.