Why Hire Us?

If you are going through an insurance dispute regarding your current policy, you may wonder where you can turn for help. The experienced attorneys at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, have worked with many clients who have needed to take legal action because of the actions of their insurance companies. We wanted to provide you with some information about the services that we provide to clients in this situation.

These cases involve very complex issues.

The specific facts and actions of your case will need to be reviewed to determine how best to proceed. If you do not know the laws that apply to these companies, or the obligations that they must follow, you could find yourself believing what they tell you.

We will analyze your case and walk you through your options. Then, we will inform the insurance company of your concerns and immediately begin negotiating on your behalf. If litigation is the ultimate end result in your case, we have handled several of these matters inside the courtroom.

Insurance companies will have a team of professionals already working on your case.

We all know that insurance companies have one main goal when claims come to them for review: Find a way to resolve the issue as cheaply as possible. They want to protect their bottom line, and this gives them an incentive to deny your claims.

Whether they are rejecting your claim in bad faith, or are delaying in paying you the amount that you are entitled to receive, you do have options available to you. An experienced attorney from our firm can help you learn more about your options.

We can help you recover maximum compensation.

This is maybe the best reason to have an attorney on your side throughout this process. Our lawyers will review your case to determine all of the possible compensation that will be available in your situation, which may include punitive damages.

Our firm has recovered millions for our clients in past cases. We know what to look for, and how to prepare a solid claim that protects your interests. We have litigated against almost every major insurance company doing business in the state of California. We will be committed to helping you find a successful result in your case.

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To speak to a member of our team, please call our San Francisco office at (415) 433-8000 or send us an email. We will help you understand all of the options that are available to you to hold insurance companies responsible for their acts.