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San Mateo Long Term Disability AttorneyMost American people don’t think twice about their long-term disability plans unless they need them. When a serious illness or injury prevents you from working, the policies that are supposed to protect you and your family are simply filled with flaws. Rather than becoming a lifesaver, the insurance company hopes you can make a disastrous application or claim-type errors. Pillsbury & Coleman LLP’s San Mateo long term disability lawyers have supported clients on a wide range of long term disability cases. We also represented clients whose life and health insurance benefits were wrongfully refused, in addition to offering legal counsel when insurance providers behaved in bad faith and denied long-term disability or care policies. When looking for a long-term disability lawyer, San Mateo residents can depend on our team’s years of experience.

Long Term Disability Coverage

Long-term disability insurance is intended to replace a part of your income for a longer length of time. There are several options for obtaining coverage:

  • A personalized individual policy (for self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, and professionals)
  • Group or employer-sponsored programs regulated by the ERISA
  • A public disability plan (for public employees)

While individual and public plans are not covered by ERISA, they may have built-in safeguards. To be eligible for LTD benefits, regardless of the form of coverage, you must have a health condition that prevents you from working or restricts you to part-time employment. It is important to remember that long-term disability benefits typically do not begin until short-term disability benefits have been depleted generally.

Serious disabilities can render an individual unable to function for an extended period, if not permanently. This type of devastating setback can complicate and deplete your savings by complicating once-routine payment on essential financial obligations such as a mortgage.

Getting LTD Benefits In San Mateo, California

Individuals covered by an employer-sponsored LTD insurance program can receive coverage through a benefits representative, while those covered by a private plan must contact their insurance provider directly.

In any case, the procedure is difficult. Long-term disability insurance policies also have confusing language and clauses that benefit the insurer. Furthermore, your LTD benefits application must provide ample medical proof from your doctor of your illness or accident, such as:

  • Evidence of hospital/clinic visits
  • Laboratory work
  • Tests of Radiology
  • Surgery
  • Prescription drugs
  • Counseling and rehabilitative care

In short, you must be able to demonstrate that you are unable to do the job you did before being disabled, other work for which you are fairly eligible, or some other work that pays a percentage of your earnings. Furthermore, your treating physician must attest to this decision and provide a reasonable estimation of your disability’s length. You should be aware that your LTD benefits claim would most likely be rejected if the application contains inconsistencies or omissions, or if the medical evidence does not support your claim.

Contact Our San Mateo Long Term Disability Lawyers

As you’ll see, the LTD claims process can be difficult, which is why you need Pillsbury & Coleman LLP’s San Mateo long term disability lawyer on your side. Our legal staff is well-versed in ERISA as well as the provisions of employer-sponsored, individual, and private LTD plans. We offer these services:

  • Filing an initial LTD insurance claim
  • Applying for Social Security disability benefits
  • Collaborating with vocational specialists to gather knowledge about your job duties
  • Working with your doctor to document your disability

If your LTD compensation claim is denied, our disabilities lawyers will assist you in navigating the LTD appeals process, and we are fully prepared to pursue ERISA litigation if appropriate. We appreciate the long-term effects of a disability on your lifestyle and will work relentlessly to protect your interests. Contact us today.