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San Jose long-term disability attorneysFiling a long-term disability claim can be stressful especially as you are forced to do so while living with a limiting disability. You would expect insurance companies to consider the difficulties you are facing and have them do the right thing. Unfortunately, for insurance companies, doing the right thing is not always the same as doing the profitable thing. And since as a private corporation, their first order of business is making a profit, they have to do everything possible to do so. This may require you to obtain a San Jose Long Term Disability Lawyer.

The sad thing is that while trying to make a profit, they sometimes throw honest hardworking people who have earned a right to their benefits under the bus. You took out a long-term disability insurance policy to provide a cushion for you if you are unable to provide for yourself due to a limiting disability.

Then, not because you really wanted it to be so, but because that’s just life, you suffer an injury resulting in a limiting or career-ending disability. You look to your insurance policy provider to help you maintain your physical health and financial independence – and they are stonewalling. It can be terribly disappointing not to talk of highly traumatizing when this happens.

I mean, you paid your premiums!

Why then would they be hesitant to meet their end of the bargain? This is where you need a competent and determined San Jose long-term disability attorney.

If you or your loved one is having issues accessing your long-term disability benefits, reach out to the law firm of Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP today. Going up against your insurance policy provider can seem like a daunting thing to do, however, with the best San Jose long-term disability lawyers in your corner, you can consider the battle half won.

We have dealt with every major disability insurer, we know their gimmicks and our track record of success including many multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements speaks for itself.

Why you should hire us to help you get your long term disability compensation

Insurance companies can be slippery in their dealings with clients especially when the client attempts to take them on alone. They may not deny your claim outrightly, but with a combination of obfuscation and stalling, they can delay paying out in hopes that you get tired and give up.

When we work with you, we do the following:

Prepare your claims file for a lawsuit

In a typical lawsuit against insurance companies, you are prohibited from introducing new evidence. The judge decides your case based on what’s already in your administrative record. To make full use of this, we will “stack” your administrative record with every evidence that will help your case before you use up your internal appeals (every applicant has a number of appeals they can use within the insurance company).

A San Jose Long Term Disability Lawyer will make sure that your claim file has every relevant medical and vocational evidence, including supportive opinions from your health care team about your work-related limitations.

Get the opinions of vocational experts

Depending on the type of disability policy you carry, we will get vocational experts to testify about the requirements of your position and help lend weight to your case.

Interact with your long term disability carrier on your behalf

We will interact with your long-term disability carrier on your behalf, file your initial application and appeals as and when due, conduct settlement negotiations and if it comes to it, file a lawsuit on your behalf.

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