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San Jose insurance denial lawyersInsurance denials can be traumatic and downright stressful. Insurance companies know how many people prefer to walk away from their claim after a denial rather than fight for their benefits. Our San Jose Insurance Denials Lawyer knows better than to let these insurance companies get away with denying claims.

Insurance companies know that people consider the whole thing too stressful and would prefer to look for other means to solve their financial issues instead of taking on their policy provider.

So if you or your loved one has had an insurance claim denied, the chances are your insurance policy provider is hoping you also choose to walk away.

However, it is better that you don’t walk away. These benefits are yours; you saved for a rainy day and paid the premiums and now that the rains have come, you should enjoy the benefits of your foresight.

Insurance companies are set up to make profits, so they need to reduce liabilities and maximize cost. Hence, they have lots of tricks up their sleeves from vaguely worded contracts to unfavorable clauses buried in the fine print. Some other tactics they employ include:

  • Citing a pre-existing condition and using that to retroactively cancel or “rescind” your policy.
  • Aggressively challenging your income and the benefits you are entitled to receive.
  • Asking you to see an independent medical examiner who is heavily biased in favor of the company.
  • Carrying out surveillance of your everyday activities, isolating an incident, and twisting it to prove that you do not qualify for your benefits. For example, taking a picture of you bending down to pick something and citing that as proof that you are not disabled, where in fact, that singular act of you bending down resulted in your dealing with terrible pains for days.

Unfortunately for them and fortunately for you, we know all of their tricks as we have dealt with them extensively and we are well able to contest whatever arguments they put up.

If your insurance claim was denied, a San Jose insurance denials lawyer at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP can be on your side fighting for you. You might not have heard about us before now, but we guarantee you that your insurance company has heard of us and they know what we are capable of.

Common reasons for insurance denials

Insurance companies have lots of reasons why they may deny a claim and some. The common ones are:

Disputes with liability

In instances where the insurance policy is for an accident or property damage, if there is a contest of who has liability for damage, insurance companies will deny your claim. The best they will offer you is a reduced amount after initially denying your claim, stating that your liability is higher than they first calculated.

Their policy does not cover your particular liability

Insurance policies cannot conceivably cover every disaster, damage, or injury. So, your liability may be classified as one that they do not cover. When you retain the services of our team of expert insurance denials lawyers, we will examine your policy to check the veracity of this and then come up with a counter-argument.

Unpaid premiums

If there was a default in payment of premiums, it could result in a lapse of policy coverage, starting on the day of your first missed payment. However, this should not be a reason to deny you your benefits totally.

You might have missed your payment because you were ill or due to circumstances beyond your control and you should not be punished for that. We will contest this and get them to pay you your benefits for at least the period when you paid your premiums.

Delayed notification

Insurance companies can deny a claim because the liability-causing incident was not reported as soon as it happened. They do this out of an abundance of caution claiming that your claim was not authentic, otherwise, you will have reported things earlier.

Again, as this could have happened due to circumstances beyond your control, you should not be made to pay for it.

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