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San Jose disability appeal lawyersAppealing a disability claim denial is your right. The process, however, is a complex legal one and you can’t do it on your own. Besides the fact that the process is complex, insurance companies have a team of skilled attorneys and lots of legal resources to fight your appeal at their disposal. You can considerably improve your chances at winning your appeal by hiring an expert San Jose disability appeals lawyer at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP. At our law firm, we have taken on all the major insurance providers and have extensive experience dealing with them.

Therefore, you need to improve your chances of winning by hiring a team of skilled attorneys of your own. You cannot take on the insurance company on your own. You have too much to lose to do that, while they do not have as much to lose.

We are renowned all over San Jose and the larger San Francisco area for winning numerous multi-million-dollar settlements and verdicts over major disability insurance companies, demonstrating our skill and relentlessness in litigation on behalf of policyholders.

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Seek out expert help: hire a team of focused lawyers who are experienced in negotiations and high-stakes litigation

Lots of insurance policy providers are known for wrongly denying valid claims, delaying payments, or terminating existing insurance payments. They have a large bag full of resourceful tricks which they employ regularly, some of which are issuing intentionally confusing policies and finding excuses to deny large claims.

They are always looking for ways to cut costs and maximize profits.

Getting them to give you your rightful benefits most times, requires a tough, intense and calculated fight as they will not go down easily. A San Jose disability appeals lawyer is equipped to do what is required to get you the results you need, you are just a call away.

Some of the things we will do for you are:

  • Collecting the right kind of evidence to include in your appeal: The most important factor in winning a claim is having the right kind of medical evidence. We know how to develop the evidence needed to get approval when we represent you in disability appeals. We will review your file carefully to determine if you need any additional tests or medical records.
  • Reviewing your coverage and the position your insurance provider has taken: We will go through the denial letter with a fine-tooth comb and extract useful nuggets to include in your appeal.
  • Getting valid non-medical evidence including expert testimonies: We will get written observations from friends and family members about your disability and how much it limits you. We will also get testimonies from vocational experts, especially if you have an “any occupation” LTD policy (defines disability as the inability to engage in any job, not just your current one).
  • Getting testimonies from your treating physicians and specialists: We will get them to provide their written opinions concerning the work limitations your disability causes for you. We are experienced enough to know the kinds of questions to ask your doctors based on the specifics of your case.

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When your disability claim is denied, you might be tempted to give up. Don’t. Contact us immediately after you receive the denial letter or as soon as possible after that. We offer a free case evaluation and handle most cases on a contingency basis. Feel free to call our office at (888) 433-8335 to schedule a consultation.