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Sacramento ERISA LawyerERISA, or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, is a federal law that governs and protects workers’ rights concerning employer benefits. One of its purposes is to maintain minimum standards for employer-sponsored health and disability insurance. To better understand ERISA benefits, contact our Sacramento ERISA Attorney.

In the United States, most employer-sponsored health care insurance is under the legal auspices of ERISA, covering over 136 million enrollees. Consequently, health care regulated by ERISA makes up a large part of our health insurance industry today.

A Double-Edged Sword

Under ERISA law, the administrators of employer-sponsored health insurance are required to be completely transparent with all enrollees and policyholders. Each policy must set out comprehensive plan information, including specific standards for participation and benefits.

Under ERISA law, the administrators of these employer-sponsored plans have fiduciary responsibilities toward policyholders and must provide for a grievance and appeals process. If a policyholder cannot get satisfaction through the appeals process, the insured has the right to litigate for breach of fiduciary duty.

While this may seem simple and straightforward, it is typically anything but. Unfortunately, ERISA supersedes state insurance laws when it comes to employer-based policies that had been put into place over the years to keep insurance companies in check.

What if You Are Denied Benefits?

What happens if you are denied a claim or are having issues getting benefits under an ERISA-regulated healthcare plan? Whereas bad faith claims can be filed against an insurer in a privately-purchased insurance policy under California insurance laws, ERISA doesn’t afford the policyholder this ability in employer-sponsored policies.

Unfortunately, ERISA has also limited some of the policyholder’s formerly available actions against the insurance company under state laws. Under ERISA, many of the rights and remedies of the policyholder have been curtailed and the ability to file a lawsuit against the company only comes after the appeals process has been exhausted. Needless to say, this can be time-consuming, especially when you are relying on critical disability benefits.

Also, under ERISA, many additional restrictions are imposed upon a claimant when bringing a suit against an insurance company. Consequently, ERISA has diminished the legal consequences of the insurance companies. Without some of the essential remedies afforded by state laws, ERISA has become heavily weighted in favor of the insurance industry that it is supposed to be regulating.

The Complexities of ERISA Law

Like any large government agency, maneuvering ERISA regulations can be complicated. The Sacramento ERISA lawyers at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLC have decades of experience helping clients navigate the complex world of ERISA law. When you are having difficulty getting benefits under your employer-sponsored healthcare, we can help.

You Don’t Have Time to Wait

When you have suffered a disabling illness or injury, you need disability benefits now. Unfortunately, under ERISA, if your benefits have been denied, the appeals process and subsequent litigation can be a long and drawn-out process. When you have been denied disability benefits through your employer-sponsored insurance policy, you need the skill and advice of an experienced Sacramento ERISA lawyer in your corner.

Getting Experienced Legal Assistance From A Sacramento ERISA Attorney

With the assistance of an experienced Sacramento ERISA lawyer, those who have been denied benefits under an employer-sponsored insurance policy can more expeditiously pursue their rights to benefits. At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, we have decades of experience with the complexities of ERISA law and have gone on to get our clients the critical benefits they deserve.

If you have been denied disability benefits under your employer-sponsored insurance policy, you should get the legal assistance of attorneys experienced in ERISA law to hold the insurance company accountable. Contact our skilled team of Sacramento ERISA attorneys at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP to understand how we can help.