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Oakland Disability Appeals LawyerIf you have sustained an injury or illness and cannot return to work, your disability insurance should provide you with needed benefits until you can get your life back on track. And yet, the very industry you are counting on for critical benefits has a vested interest in not paying them to you. When this happens, acquiring an Oakland disability appeals attorney will be critical.

Getting the Benefits You Deserve

If you have been denied disability benefits by your insurance company, you have the right to appeal their decision. This is when it is critical to have the assistance of an experienced Oakland disability appeals lawyer to ensure that you get the benefits you are legally entitled to.

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, we have dedicated our careers to holding the insurance industry accountable to its policyholders. When you are counting on critical disability benefits to help you through financially fraught times, the insurance company’s profits should not take precedence.

The Unfortunate Nature of the Insurance Industry

While most individuals never imagine they will need these types of benefits, the safety net they offer is crucial when they are unable to work.

But the big insurance companies make considerable money off these policies and, when push comes to shove, they are very reluctant to part with it, even when claims are legitimate. Fortunately, if you have been denied disability benefits, an Oakland disability appeals attorney can help.

Complicated Insurance Laws

Getting denied disability benefits can be financially devastating for a family. Especially when the disability is catastrophic, a family has more things to worry about than fighting a large insurance company. Getting the assistance of a disability appeals lawyer in Oakland can be helpful in many different types of insurance disputes but is especially critical when it comes to an employer-sponsored disability claim.

Insurance laws can be complicated, and ERISA laws surrounding employer-based policies make them all the more complex. ERISA laws provide protections for disabled individuals but with those protections also come a very stringent set of conditions surrounding claims and the appeals process and lawsuits that result from them.

Ensuring Your Claim is Filed Correctly

Paperwork must be accurately filed and strict timelines met, or an individual may be denied benefits or even the chance of an appeal or lawsuit. When your future and quality of life depend on your disability benefits, you should get the guidance and expertise of a disability appeals lawyer in Oakland.

An experienced disability lawyer will:

  • Help you understand your benefits — Policies can be complicated, and many policyholders don’t fully understand what benefits they are entitled to. An attorney can help you understand your benefits, limitations, and any requirements surrounding a claim or appeal.
  • Assist you in filing the appropriate paperwork — Filing the paperwork correctly is an essential part of the claims process. Any errors in your paperwork give the insurance company ample excuse to delay or deny your claim.
  • Help you gather the appropriate medical evidence and other documentation to support your claim — Disability insurance companies require substantial proof of your disability and that your medical providers properly document it. Your attorney will ensure that everything is in order before it is filed with your claim.
  • Help you appeal or litigate a claim denial — An experienced Oakland disability appeals lawyer will guide you through the appeals process and negotiate on your behalf. If an appeal is unsuccessful, your lawyer will bring your claim to court to ensure that you get the benefits you deserve.

Filing a disability claim can be complicated. Before you file, get skilled assistance to ensure that everything is in order before you file.

Our Skilled Oakland Disability Appeals Attorney Will Defend You

At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLP, our team of Oakland disability appeals attorneys has dealt with every major disability insurer. We have dedicated our careers to helping individuals get the disability benefits they need when they need it most. Don’t leave your critical disability benefits to chance. Contact us today to see how we can help.