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Judge Dismisses Insurer’s Coverage Action Regarding Costs for Water Damage

Philip L. Pillsbury Jr. and Eric K. Larsen represented the insured in this 2013 case. | Read more

Details of the case are also available from WestLaw. | Read more

Two UP Advisors Score an Important Legal Win for Disability Policy Holders

UP advisers and sponsors Daley, Debofsky and Bryant and Pillsbury scored a victory for disability insurance policyholders in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on the issue of how an annual bonus gets factored in when calculating lost income. | Read more

Founding Partner, Philip L. Pillsbury, Jr.’s Expert Analysis, Daily Journal, March 5, 2012

Phillip L. Pillsbury Jr.’s expert analysis of MGA Entertainment’s insurance situation involving its carrier’s duty to defend was featured in the article “MGA insurer suit bears a warning; Not covering legal costs carries its own risk, experts say,” which ran in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal on March 8, 2012. Quoted throughout the article, Pillsbury discussed a dispute between MGA Entertainment and several of its insurers over the insurers’ alleged refusal to pay tens of millions of dollars in legal bills for MGA Entertainment in the Mattel case surrounding the Bratz dolls.

Partners Philip L. Pillsbury Jr. and Vedica Puri Win Unanimous Jury Verdict, as Showcased in Daily Journal, December 9, 2011

IRA Services, a Northern California financial services company, lost approximately $1.3 million through an employee’s embezzlement. The company submitted a claim under its policy with Zurich American Insurance, which provided $1 million in coverage for employee dishonesty. Zurich denied the claim, citing a “segregation of duties” exclusion. Filing suit in San Francisco Superior Court, attorneys Philip L. Pillsbury Jr. and Vedica Puri won a unanimous jury verdict in favor of the plaintiff and then negotiated a $1.25 million settlement prior to the second trial phase, which would have addressed the issue of insurance bad faith.

A Collaborative Approach — San Francisco Daily Journal

Published in June 2011, this article in the San Francisco Daily Journal highlights the history of our firm’s collaborative approach. | Read more

Partner Terrence Coleman’s successful representation in Brett Oster v. Standard Medical Insurance was highlighted in a 2011 issue of The Trial Lawyer. | Read more

Allstate Ranks as Worst Insurer for Consumers
In a report on the 10 Worst Insurance Companies in America, Allstate ranks as the worst insurer for consumers, according to a comprehensive 2008 investigation of thousands of legal documents and financial filings. | Read more

Boy with rare disease still in limbo

Arnold Levinson, our former partner now retired, represented this boy and his family in their lawsuit against Health Net, one of California’s largest health insurers. | Read more

Family fights an HMO for 4-year-old’s life

Another article on a little boy’s struggle against Health Net. | Read more

Video: Gasia Mikaelian Reports on Lawsuit Filed by Moraga Family against HMO, KTVU, November 8, 2005

Moraga Parents Battle HMO For Son’s Life-Saving Surgery
Staff Writer, Fox Reno, November 7, 2005

Needing help, Parents Sue Insurance for Son’s Health
KGO – San Francisco ABC Affiliate, News at Noon, November 7, 2005

Parents Fight Insurance For Son’s Health
By Amy Hollyfield, ABC News San Francisco, November 6, 2005

Making the Brand
By Ann Sherman, American Lawyer, Summer 2004

Malpractice Claims Against HMO’s Preempted By ERISA
By Correy E. Stephenson, Lawyers Weekly, July 5, 2004

Law is called stacked deck for insurers
By Joan Ryan, San Francisco Chronicle, May 27, 2004

Long-Term Care: Why HR Should Care?
By Alison Stein Wellner,, May 6, 2004

Internet Risk Policies Cover Online Fraud, Loss of Data
By Gene J. Koprowski,, March 18, 2004

Attorney balances career with family
By Marc Albert, Tri-Valley Herald, September 21, 2003