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San Francisco long term disability lawyerFor many individuals, investing in long-term care insurance represents a sort of crucial safety net for potential future care needs. However, the value of these insurance policies really comes to light when the promised benefits are honored during that necessary time. At Pillsbury & Coleman, LLC, Our San Francisco long term care insurance claims attorney understands the disappointment and frustration when legitimate claims are wrongfully denied.

If you’ve encountered obstacles in accessing your entitled long-term care insurance benefits, we’re here to assist you and have the experience to fight side by side with you in the claims process. Our experienced San Francisco long term care insurance claims attorney has dedicated over three decades to fighting for the rights of individuals facing unfair denials.

Rising Costs of Long-Term Care

With nearly 70 million Americans projected to be over 65 by 2030, the cost of long-term care continues to soar. The annual average cost is projected to come out to $146,000 in California for a private room in 2022. Cities like San Jose and Santa Maria lead the way coming in at $187,000 a year. Consequently, the older population is relying on this care to supplement their costs during this critical time. Unfortunately, it seems like the industry is more focused on profits than on fulfilling policyholder needs.

Understanding Your Policy

In California, long-term care insurance typically falls into three categories, each having very specific coverage and benefits:

  • Nursing Facility and Residential Care Facility Coverage: Includes care within institutional settings such as nursing homes or assisted care facilities. Home care is not covered.
  • Home Care Coverage: Encompasses services like home health care, adult day care, personal care, and more, excluding care in a facility.
  • Comprehensive Long-Term Care: Covers a wide array of services including nursing home benefits, home health care, hospice, and more.

Navigating Denials and Tactics

Because insurance companies are driven mostly by profit motives, they often resort to denying claims through clever and deceiving tactics, such as claiming ineligible facilities, invoking outdated provisions like prior hospitalization requirements, or disputing personal care benefits. As skilled attorneys, our San Francisco long term care insurance claims attorney is well-versed in challenging these denials and fighting for the rights of you, the policyholder.

Seek Professional Guidance

If you’re facing the unfair challenge of obtaining your entitled benefits from your long-term care policy, our dedicated team at Pillsbury & Coleman, LLC is here to help. Contact us today for a consultation and let us help and assist you in navigating your claim.

Our San Francisco Long Term Care Insurance Claims Attorney Can Help!

Remember, your long-term care insurance should be there for you when you need it the most. We will hold the insurance industry accountable to their promises and ensure you receive the benefits that are rightfully yours.