Complex Corporate Bad Faith | Video Transcript

[GRAPHIC: Pillsbury & Coleman LLP, P&L]

PHILIP PILLSBURY: We represent cases at Pillsbury & Coleman for individuals and also for large companies. Some of it is very specialized, electronics errors and emissions, for example, or maritime cases or fidelity or dishonesty polices, all of these unusual names. We have a very broad experience in the different kinds of coverages.

VEDICA PURI: Types of cases we handle, particularly on our team, tend to be fairly involved. They’re difficult insurance policies, difficult insurance companies. And the types of cases are tricky. They don’t have easy answers. At the end of the day, when the insurance company pays the claim, it’s well worth it.

PHILIP PILLSBURY: We make this commitment to our clients. We will listen. We will treat you with respect. And we will not always agree with you.

VEDICA PURI: To us, it’s about getting the best result. In order to do that, you have to have a strategy. And it has to be in place early. And it has to be effective.

PHILIP PILLSBURY: To get the client paid, that’s what drives us. We really know our area of the law. We know how to try a case. We have almost $1 billion in settlements and trials to verdict in this firm.

VEDICA PURI: We believe in what we do. And the clients believe in us as well because of that.

[GRAPHIC: Pillsbury & Coleman LLP, P&L]


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